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3-14 years


Gifted Intelligence Assessment

Know the strengths, learning nature and style of your child. Find out the level of each intelligence type to figure out the hidden potential in your child. Gifted Intelligence Assessment is conducted to measure the following:

  1. Logical Intelligence
  2. Linguistic Intelligence
  3. Visual Intelligence
  4. Bodily Intelligence
  5. Musical Intelligence
  6. Interpersonal Intelligence
  7. Intrapersonal Intelligence
  8. Naturalistic Intelligence
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Key Benefits

1. Early identification of learning style and nature of your child can do wonders in his/her life
2. You can channelize your child's hidden talent
3. You can guide your child in proper direction as you come to know how your child learns


Online assessment (Mobile & Desktop Friendly)
Captures the level of 8 different intelligence types in your child

Mode of Delivery

Online Mode. You will be provided with your unique user id and password for assessment (via email) within 48 hours. You may also receive a call from our guides or counselors within 48 hours on your registered mobile.