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11-15 years


Speed Math Mindsets

Imagine if your child could solve complex problems in a stress free manner with speed and accuracy. This is exactly what Vedic Speed Math training can do to your child. Not only it eliminates the phobia of math, but it also develops speed in calculations & thinking process.
The idea is not to make a child behave like a mathematician or act like a robot but to instill a self-belief by training on those basic fundamentals that are required to do calculations in practical world. It gives a huge competitive edge to your child.

Course Topics (Vedic Math)

Introduction to Vedic Math, Place Value, Pattern & its practice, Oral Multiplication & Division, Base & Compliment, Multiplication of single digit number close to base and less than 10, Multiplication of two digit number close to base and less than 100, Multiplication of three digit number close to base and less than 1000, Multiplication of numbers above the base, Vertical & Cross Multiplication, Base Method of squaring for numbers less than base, Base Method of squaring for numbers above than base, Box Multiplication Method, Digital Roots, Alpha Math, Square of Numbers ending with 5, Multiplication of numbers with 9

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Key Benefits

Better Confidence in Math
Eliminates phobia; improves calculation speed
Eliminates silly mistakes in math
Gives Competitive Edge


Weekend Only Classes (Online Zoom)
Small Class Size (1:1) or max of (1:4)
Comfortable Timings
Personalized Attention

Mode of Delivery

Online (Zoom) to be shared by the certified trainer
Duration: 12 Weekends (2 hours per weekend)